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Corporate waffle?
Nope. That definitely doesn’t belong here... Continue reading

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Corporate waffle?
Nope. That definitely doesn’t belong here...

Churros Locos Freshly Made is a family-owned business who bring a taste of Latin desserts to the UK! Located in the heart of Queensgate Shopping centre, Churros Locos only serve the freshest products. The Churros are cooked in front of you then coated with either sugar or cinnamon sugar served alongside a range of 10 different dipping sauces such as Strawberries, Dulce de Leche and 4 types of Chocolate; They also offer a selection of 16 Handmade Artisan Gelatos that come in classic flavours such as Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry but also Pistachio and Passionfruit Cheesecake. To top it off, they serve 7 different bean to cup coffees and the best Chai Latte and Luxury Hot Chocolate in town!

Churros Locos doesn’t do “corporate” or waffles.
Clue is in the name, amigos.
So if you’re reading because you want the secret sauce for our tasty content, you’re in for a treat on how to write about treats…

These hungry hombres stick together like chocolate sauce on your fingertips.
They’re ready to appear and pump up the volume any time the brand needs a little extra loco personality


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