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Say YES this Valentine’s day

Exciting times in February as love fills the air! The question on everyone's mind: Who will take the leap and get down on one knee first? In this leap year, tradition suggests it's the ladies' turn to make the romantic move.


Say YES this Valentine's day

Love is in the air this February. It rings the question: Who is going to get down on one knee first? It’s a leap year, so traditionally ladies it’s over to you.

Queensgate Shopping Centre is the place to be when shopping for that special ring.

Whether you prefer the charm of independent boutiques nestled in Westgate Arcade or the extensive selections offered by renowned retailers like Beaverbrooks, F.Hinds, Goldsmiths, Swarovski, and many others. With an abundance of choices and the expertise of trusted retailers, Queensgate stands as the ideal destination to discover and choose the ring that will symbolize your commitment to each other.

In a world where love knows no bounds, the journey to finding the perfect engagement ring shouldn't break the bank. Queensgate have got you covered with the most beautiful rings for all price ranges.

It’s not about the price, it’s what it means to you…let’s help you out starting with the budget-friendly.

Why have one clear crystal when you can have 3? This Attract Trilogy Ring from Swarovski is the perfect mix of elegance and craftsmanship. It is a dazzling ring that is guaranteed to catch a few eyes.

Attract Trilogy ring
Round cut, White, Silver-tone finish
From £76

Made to sparkle the night away. This gorgeous White Gold Diamond ring features a bow formed by a central diamond cluster, shaped gracefully by two pear-shaped that tapers in at each side. With a total diamond weight of 8 points, the delicate brilliance of this design is further accentuated by a solid white gold shank. It's not just a ring; it's a symphony of exquisite details!

9ct White Gold Diamond Bow Cluster Ring - 8pts - D7724

The best mix of silver and gold that you can get. This Gold Diamond Ring from Warren James has the ULTIMATE cross-over design. It is even covered with diamonds on the shoulders. What sets this ring apart is the miracle setting, a special technique that bestows the diamond with a larger, more captivating appearance.

9ct Gold Diamond Ring
Warren James

If you're open to a slightly higher budget, one of these rings might just be the perfect choice for you.

Elegance, glamour, and sheer beauty – need we say more? Behold the captivating allure of this 9ct White Gold multi-stone halo-cut ring. It’s perfectly crafted two-tone design is nothing short of stunning, creating an enchanting harmony of style.

9ct White Gold Multi Stone Halo Brilliant Cut Ring

This Valentine's Day, give the gift of eternal love with this Gold Dimond Halo Cluster Ring from F.Hinds that embodies the essence of romance. A collection of larger round brilliant cut diamonds for the raised centre, encircled by a lower layer of even more diamonds - together they create this impressive and much to be enjoyed diamond halo cluster ring set on a yellow gold band.

9ct Gold Diamond Halo Cluster Ring - 1/2ct - D6049-K

Simply Exquisite, this 9ct White Gold Diamond Cluster Ring is the ring for you! This captivating piece of jewellery speaks volumes with its timeless design, featuring a cluster of diamonds set in radiant white gold. Each diamond contributes to a harmonious brilliance, symbolising the enduring nature of your love.

9ct White Gold Diamond Cluster Ring

When having a generous budget for an engagement ring, the possibilities for finding the perfect symbol of your love are truly extensive. Which one will you pick?

Sweep your loved one off their feet with this incredibly romantic 18ct Rose Gold Diamond Halo Ring. Rose gold has become increasingly popular as a choice for engagement rings. It’s warm and romantic and complements various skin tones.

18ct Rose Gold Diamond Halo Ring

This 9ct White Gold Diamond Multi Stone ring from Goldsmiths not just jewellery; it's a symbol of the extraordinary commitment that marks a momentous occasion. Your partner will have teardrop when you when get down on one knee and pull this beautiful ring out.

9ct White Gold Diamond Multi Stone Halo Pear Shaped Ring

In the realm of love, where passion meets timeless commitment, and your devotion takes centre stage in the form of an exquisite engagement ring. Why not treat her to this 18ct Yellow Gold 3 Stone ring from Goldsmiths?

18ct Yellow Gold 1.00ct Diamond 3 Stone Engagement Ring

Queensgate ensures a diverse array of retailers to suit every taste and preference. The journey to find your forever ring becomes an exciting exploration as Queensgate presents a curated selection of jewellery that mirrors the uniqueness of your love story.


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