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Sippin' on love with our Sweetheart Series 💖

🍓 Strawberry Punch 🍑
Our special blend of strawberry and white peach syrup, paired with the ever-popular strawberry bubbles, and a sprinkle of dried raspberry.
The perfect drink for you & your special one.

🍓 Strawberry Sweetheart 🍉
A dreamy frozen mixture of sweet watermelon flavour and strawberry syrup, blended to perfection with fresh milk. Topped with whipped cream, dried raspberry, and strawberry bubbles. Plus, a cherry lollipop on top for that extra touch of love 🍒🍭

Sip, smile, and share the love💖

Ground Floor (QG)

Bubble CiTea

Sippin' on love with our Sweetheart Series 💖 🍓 Strawberry Punch 🍑 Our special blend of s..

9.00 AM - 5.00PM

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