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Enjoy free Wi-Fi at Queensgate. Just select The Cloud from the network list in your phone, laptop or tablet settings, and follow the simple on-screen instructions to register. Then you’re free to browse the web as you browse all of our fantastic stores!

We recommend downloading the free Fastconnect app for a seamless, uninterrupted connection. It’s available for both iOS and Android devices through the following links:

Download Fastconnect for iPhone here

Download Fastconnect for Android here

There are eighteen electric vehicle (EV) car charging points, located in the Green, Blue and Yellow car parks. The charging stations are free to use. Designed to be easy to use, the charging points allow green-minded shoppers to plug their vehicles in to recharge, leaving them free to shop.

Simply enter the car park as normal and park in one of the dedicated EV charging bays, which can be found on level three, Green; Level 1, Blue and Level 1, Yellow.

Plug your car into one of the available chargers, type 2 socket European Standard 7 pins – each outlet is single phase 32A fast charging, and follow the instructions given, activating the charge from the Evolt Multipoint terminal.

Once ready to leave the shopping centre, shoppers just pay for their parking and disconnect from the term

If you lose something when you’re at Queensgate, contact our Management Office which keeps details of lost and found items.

Contact the stores you visited too, as some of them also hold lost property.

You can contact our Management Office by phone on 01733 311666 (then press option 3) or by email at customerservice@queensgatecm.co.uk

You can normally only claim items during office hours. We only hold the items we find for six weeks, and perishable items are kept for one day.

If you lose your bank or credit cards, first contact your bank to the cancel cards, then let the police know.

  • Car Park Level 1
  • Bus Station
  • McDonalds
  • Burger King

Disabled access is also available in all of the above locations.

Facilities are located at:

  • Car Park Level 1
  • Boots
  • McDonalds
  • Little Miracles

Shopmobility is open for scooter and wheelchair hire 10.00am – 3pm, Monday – Thursday. To pre book the service or for further information, please call them directly on 01733 313133. You can find Shopmobility on the 11th floor of our Green car park.

Our Shopmobility office is on Level 11 of the Green car park and is easy to get to. The best places to park are:

  • Blue (Cavell) Level 5
  • Red (Royce) Levels 5 and 11
  • Green (Clare) Levels 5 and 11

There are spaces for blue badge holders and lift access on all of these levels. We’d recommend avoiding parking in Yellow (Perkins) as you’ll need to use a footbridge to get to Queensgate.

Most local taxi companies will park and accompany you to the Shopmobility office. Just ask for help when you book your taxi.

Peterborough’s main bus station is between our car parks and the shopping centre itself. To get to our Shopmobility office from the bus station, take the escalators or lift up in to the centre, then take one of the car park lifts to Level 11. Because this involves a short walk, please call our office on 01733 313133. We’ll arrange to meet you at the bus station.

Our Shopmobility service relies on volunteers – and if you’d like to help in any way, we’d love to hear from you. Please call our Shopmobility coordinator on 01733 313133.

If you can’t use public transport, you can come straight to Queensgate with the help of Peterborough City Council’s Community Link’s door-to-door service.

For bookings and more information, please contact 01733 317460 or email: childrenstransport@peterborough.gov.uk

With over 90 shops, 15 places to eat and thousands of brands. Uncover hidden treasures and the unique shops that can only be found here at Queensgate.

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