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A guide to hosting the BEST Easter party with Queensgate Shopping Centre

As the eggs start to hatch, and the rabbits start hopping. It's time to start planning your Easter party for all the family. If you're looking to host an unforgettable Easter party, why not turn to Queensgate Shopping Centre for all your celebration needs?



Step 1: Add a bit of easter spice to your home

 Queensgate Shopping Centre is your one-stop destination for all things cute, fluffy and Easter themed.

What screams spring more than a floral tablecloth? This checkered 100% cotton tablecloth adds a touch of spring to your Easter party, even if the typical England weather has graced with clouds and rain.

Tablecloth. 140 x 220 cm
£14.00 - Flying Tiger


These pastel ornaments are a flawless decoration that work so well as a centre piece. You could even try make your own table décor and this could be an Easter craft idea. TK Maxx has a load of craft bits as well so you never know what you can create.

Pastel Eggs Easter Ornament
£7.99 - TK Maxx


Enjoy a hot chocolate from Hotel Chocolat in this adorable chicken from Flying Tiger. This cute chick embraces the Easter spirit perfectly.

Chicken mug
£5 - Flying Tiger


Step 2: Time hunt out the chocolate eggs

No Easter party is complete without an Easter egg hunt. So, it's time to stock up on a lot of different-sized Easter eggs. Flying Tiger has lots of little individually wrapped eggs that are the optimal size for collecting in baskets. Hotel Chocolat offers numerous options for larger eggs that you can either include in the trail or use as prizes for those who collect the most eggs.

Hide these individually wrapped Milk Chocolate Praline Easter eggs around your garden for the little ones to discover. They're perfect for collecting in Easter baskets, and you can choose as many packets as needed based on the number of eggs you want to include in your Easter egg hunt.

Milk Chocolate Pralines Easter Eggs 250g
£4.99 - TKMax


New in Hotel Chocolat for 2024:

Hotel Chocolat does not disappoint when it comes to chocolate, especially Easter eggs! This extra-thick Easter egg, new for 2024, comprises milk chocolate, cookies, and puffed rice, as well as half caramel. Does that sound like heaven in an egg or what?

Extra-Thick Easter Egg – Milk to Caramel
£29.45 - Hotel Chocolat


Vegan? No problem you can still enjoy a luxurious creamy chocolate egg from Hotel Chocolat. With freshly updated recipes for 2024, this egg has vegan truffles, pralines and caramels. What more could you want?

Extra-Thick Easter Egg – Unbelievably Vegan
£29.45 - Hotel Chocolat


Launching this Easter is this extra-thick nutty egg from Hotel Chocolat. This egg celebrates all things nuts, from Pecans to Hazelnut it is the ultimate egg.

Extra-Thick Easter Egg – Exquisitely Nutty
£29.45 - Hotel Chocolat


Fruit and Chocolate lover? This strawberry-white and milk fusion Easter egg is the best choice. It is piled high with fruity filled chocolates, it even features some little Easter bunnies.

Extra-Thick Easter Egg – Exuberantly Fruity
£29.45 - Hotel Chocolat


This egg truly has it all! With a delectable fusion of half milk chocolate and half dark chocolate, complemented by luscious milk chocolate filled with hazelnut praline, it's a taste sensation like no other.

Extra-Thick Easter Egg – Everything
£29.45 - Hotel Chocolat


Step 3: Dress to impress

It's not really an Easter egg hunt unless you dress the part! Queensgate has all the accessories, from baskets to bonnets you will become the Easter bunny in no time!

Why did the Easter egg hide? Because it was a little chicken! Right, this headband from Claires is beyond adorable, it's from a unique Claires Club collection and it’s has been designed and carefully constructed for toddlers in mind. Your child will look adorable with this headband whilst they are hunting for their treasure.

Claire's Club Pink Chick Plush Headband
£6.00 £3.00 - Claries


You’ll need something to collect all of the Easter treasure that your little ones are finding. Grab this Easter bag from Flying Tiger which is decorated with little chicks all over it. How many Easter eggs do you think you can pile up in this bag?

Easter Bag
£3.00 - Flying Tiger


What do you call a rabbit who tells jokes on Easter? A funny bunny! This cute bunny ears and tutu are just the thing to get into the Easter spirit. Your child will look just like an Easter bunny princess.

Easter Bunny Sequin Floral Tutu Dress Up set
£16.00 - Claires


With the help of Queensgate Shopping Centre, your Easter party is sure to be a hit. From decorations to chocolate eggs, Queensgate offers everything you need to create an Easter celebration that will create a lifetime of memories.

If you fancy shopping on Easter weekend then visit Greg’s and Costa as they have the ultimate Easter themed treats, such as new limited-edition drinks, and bunny themed treats.

This Easter, Queensgate has an 18-metre-long ropes course and mini playground called Treetops Adventure. You can book for your children now for as little as £1!

Book your slot now: https://www.queensgate-shopping.co.uk/events/easter-tree-tops/

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