Handmade Burger Co.

At handmade burger Co. we are obsessed about our burgers. That’s why we make over 40 different burgers from scratch in our restaurant every day.

To make & hand-press the best burgers, we regularly visit our farms & producers to make sure that we source only the freshest, finest tasting, traceable ingredients for our chefs to work with.

From our freshly peeled & cut chips to our relishes that are handmade, we’re proud to say that the food we serve is natural, fresh & made here. And why do we do this? Because we want to make sure that you enjoy the finest handmade burgers, made with imagination every time.

01733 345502
Location: Westgate Arcade
Monday 12.00am – 9.00pm
Tuesday 12.00am – 9.00pm
Wednesday 12.00am – 9.00pm
Thursday 12.00am – 9.00pm
Friday 12.00am – 9.30pm
Saturday 12.00am – 9.30pm
Sunday 12.00am – 9.00pm
Bank Holidays 12.00am – 9.00pm