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Published: 10th July 2015
Author: Queensgate Blog

The Swimwear Edit

Not long now until the kids break up for summer and those holidays officially start. I have put together some mood boards for you to check out what Queensgate have to offer.


The Bikini

One trend that is popular this year is 70s style prints on bikinis; H&M, Oasis and Warehouse have lots of these on offer but the three I have chosen are my favourites. The Paisley Print Bikini from H&M has beautiful tassel ties on the bottoms that give it the perfect boho feel. The Moroccan Tile Bikini from Oasis is a lovely bright yellow that will really complement a tan towards the end of your holiday. The Warehouse one was my all time favourite though, and it’s in the sale for only £10! I love how the tile print on this bikini is exactly the same but with reversed colours on the top and the bottoms; it really makes this bikini stand out for me. You could even wear it with a plain black top or white bottom if you want to be a tad mismatched.

If prints are not for you and plain colours are more your style I have chosen two that still have that wow factor. The Topshop High Neck Bikini will look great on the last day of your hols to really show off that tan, and the bikini top could easily be used as a crop top when you return home. The Accessorize 3D Bikini has these beautiful ruffle flowers that just have that added bit of glam. Coral is a colour that you do need to be careful with because it can wash certain people out, unfortunately I am one of them, so I am very envious of people that can wear coral.


The Swim Short

Shorter swim shorts are everywhere this year with a huge range of patterns, colours and photo prints. I chose three of the shorter shorts in varying styles so there’s something for everyone. The H&M Triangle Print Short has a geometric feel to it and the colours really make me think of holidays, also a very nice price tag at £9.99. The Topman shorts, on the other hand, are for the more daring male. Coral is not a colour I have seen often on a man but I think with a tan these shorts would look great. The Next shorts have a more traditional photo print look to them, and who doesn’t love a palm tree on some shorts!

The shorter varieties of shorts are not for everyone though, so I have included two longer, more surfer styles shorts. Superdry’s Boardshorts come in a variety of colours so you can choose how loud you want to be (a very bright yellow is included in the collection). The Fat Face Panel Badge Shorts are more simplistic for those of you who don’t like anything too fancy. Both shorts will hit your knees rather than being above so if that’s the style you prefer, make sure you check out the rest they have to offer.


The One Piece

There are so many beautiful one pieces around now; in the last few years, they have moved from frumpy to super stylish. These five were chosen for the different fit and patterns, however, these don’t show the backs of the swimsuits and some of them have beautiful details so make sure you check them out in store. The Shape Enhancing Swimsuit from Next is a classic black one piece with very flattering ruffles which really helps hold things in – think control pants in a swimsuit form. This is for the person who likes the understated but very classic look; it will look great with an oversized sun hat. If you want more of an Ibiza look then you need to head to River Island and check out their range. The swimsuit I have chosen is definitely not for the faint hearted but will look great with a long kimono over the top.

The swimsuit from John Lewis has a beautiful back and really must be seen in person. The Zebra print is done in a classy way with a navy blue colour instead of the traditional black. The Fat Face and Primark swimsuits are both similar shapes but with very different price tags. The Primark swimsuit has beautiful lace detail, perfect for girly girls. The Fat Face contrast swimsuit has a nautical feel that I love and would look great with some white sliders.

So those are my swimwear picks, all items were in stock when this post was produced but I would suggest hurrying because the summer sales have already started. Don’t forget the centre is open #L8 on Thursdays and Fridays with free parking after 5:30pm.

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