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Published: 13th April 2016
Author: Georgie Owen

On Saturday 9th April, I went along to Queensgate Shopping Centre’s Backstage Live event…I wanted some inspiration for this season’s trends and to gather hair and beauty tips, which I did.

Published: 27th November 2015
Author: Queensgate

Following on from my previous ‘Autumn Cleanse’ post, I have produced some moodboards to help you decide what products to use to replenish and moisturise your body this autumn/winter. Bathing: During the winter nights, a warm bath helps to lock in your skin’s moisture, giving your body downtime after a stressful day.  1- The Lush ‘Milky Bath Bubble Bar’ will lift your mood, treating your skin to a dose of happiness and giving it a little bit of extra softness – Lush £3.75. 2- Sanctuary’s ‘Luxury Bath Float’ will leave your skin feeling nourished with a soft scent whilst you unwind and let your troubles drift away – Boots £10. 3- The Radox ‘Feel Good Fragrance Moisture Soak Bath Soak’ is scented with calendula and rose, and will leave your skin feeling soft and moisturised – Superdrug £1.99.   Hands: Your hands will be the most exposed to the bitter cold, so having a good hand cream will prevent them from drying up and getting sore. 1- The Lush ‘Love and Light’ hand cream will soften and moisturise your hands when they’re at their driest. The sweet smell of Brazilian orange and orange blossom will bring back warm summer memories […]

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Published: 25th September 2015
Author: Queensgate Blog

How to protect and moisturise your face throughout the colder months: The summer months are being washed away and we’re starting to feel the shiver of autumn slowly creeping in. This is bad news for our skin as it won’t be getting the goodness it needs from the sun. Colder weather can make for dryer, lifeless skin, but don’t worry yourselves too much as I’ve prepared some mood boards below to help you choose the right products to get your skin through the colder weather!

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