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Published: 29th May 2015
Author: Queensgate Blog


It’s that time of year again. The time of year when your mind wanders away from the work at hand and to the world outside the four walls that make the office. Dreams of something different, relaxing, and fun, are the only things getting you through the day… but where to go?

Pop into Queensgate and visit one of the two travel agents situated within the shopping centre; Thomson and Thomas cook. The friendly staff within both will help you find the right holiday for you, tailored to suit your budget and personality. Offering a range of holidays from UK short breaks to exotic worldwide destinations, they have holidays aimed at families, couples and solo travellers; there really is something for the inner explorer in everyone.

Personally, I like to relax by the beach during the day and soak up the sun and so find the new ‘Thomson Scene’ collection very attractive. They are specially designed for those who love to chill out during the day and come alive at night. I quite liked the idea of spending some time in Zante, so I went in store to find out more. I was told about the main party resort on the island: the Laganas’ strip, and really like the sound of another smaller resort just minutes away: Kalamaki; being a little out of the party strip it’s more relaxing and the hotels are closer to the beach. There are also times of the year when the beach is unavailable because loggerhead turtles come ashore to lay their eggs. This brings me on to the fact that you can take a cruise to Turtle Island to see the turtles, which sounds amazing!


Not only does Kalamaki offer slightly more but it is cheaper too, depending on what time of year you go, Hotel Roseland offers bed and breakfast, from £227 per person, it has a pool and is five minutes away from the beach. Thomas cook also offer similar packages in their club 18-30 range designed to help you release your inner party animal! You could stay at the Trabukos Beach Complex, Kavos, from as little as £101 per person.

For those of you wanting to make the most of the experiences the world has to offer, both travel agents can give you holidays to some of the most iconic places on the planet. Thomson offers a wide range of opportunities for you to make unique and magical memories that last a lifetime from seeing the Northern Lights in Iceland for seven nights from £1099, to discovering the land of the Incas for 15 days from £1630. Thomas Cook offer the chance to explore the sunny streets of San Francisco and visit the Golden Gate, staying at the Westin St Francis from £1061, or even the chance to swim with dolphins in Egypt staying at the Xperience Kiroseiz hotel for seven nights from £513 per person. With such great deals you’ll be completely spoilt for choice!




For those with young families that want the chance to explore the world they live in, both locally and further afield, these family breaks guarantee a summer to remember. Thomas Cook offers a family friendly package within the UK staying at a Haven resort for seven nights from £549 per family giving the whole family the chance to relax during the summer. Or if the budget permits, you could really expand their horizons and fulfil their curiosities by booking a family safari for ten days in Tanzania through Thomson for £2035 per person.


So stop dreaming and visit Queensgate for your chance to escape, for a short while, and create some truly magical memories. After all there’s a world of possibilities out there!


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