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Published: 2nd June 2017
Author: Queensgate

The Queensgate Eco Event

Local Journalism Student Shannon Treadwell, popped along to our Eco event last month. Find out what she thought below.

“On the 31st of May, Queensgate was visited by the giant green leaf, buzzing with mini adventurers, all ready to learn new skills and embrace their inner eco explorer – and what a great turnout they received!


Leading some of the blossoming activities was The Green Genie with her sidekick William Wormsworth, there to help the crawling-kids learn fun facts about insects and how to protect their environment, with Walter Droplet, to gush about water conservation and Lionel Recycle, grabbers at the ready to teach the importance of recycling, with up-cycled crisp packet bow tie on show. Children all sat together in a circle, making friends, immersed within the didactic games, minds-ticking over the events and green fingers ready to get to work.

All around laid scattered coloured pens along mini wooden benches under the giant leaf, lined with beanbags and flowers, teeming with the creative kids, learning and playing with the characters and their parents. Not only will events like this help children see these important tasks as fun instead of a chore, but it will encourage their families to take on the jobs too. The activities were super involving, with loads of props to entice the kid’s imaginations into working overtime, as they swarmed to tell their parents all they’d learned, huge smiles on their faces as they scrambled to create their bug houses and hang them out in their garden when they got home.


One parent of an already devoted recycler stated, My oldest knows what to recycle and how to do it; she hates anyone chucking rubbish on the floor”, which was one of the main policies the centre was aiming to teach families. Another parent declared “It’s really important for kids to be taught to respect their environment and learn to love it”. The parents seemed as happy as the children, watching their little ones dive in to the experience.

Outspoken Cycles, a Cambridge based company, also came along with a bike powered smoothie machine in collaboration with Boost, where you had to cycle as fast as possible to get a sweet treat, and cycle fuelled Scalextric tracks; one team member laughed, “Most kids want to go as fast as possible to crash the cars – this opportunity was one the adults could get involved with too, to spread the message of the importance of cycling and the fun you can have with it, while kids pedalled faster and faster to beat their friends cars around the track.

Peterborough Environment City Trust were also there, enticing volunteers to help out with the various eco-events they manage, like tree planting, litter picking and river clearances. One trust member exclaimed “It’s important for kids as they’re giving something back to the environment and then learning a new skill”. Children love to learn, and they’re a lot smarter than we realise, and events like this just showcase their little talents.

Not only was the event highly educational, but it really helped some kids get out of their comfort zone, The Green Genie telling me “Some children come by and they’re shy, but as soon as they’re encouraged a little it brings out another area of their creativity”. To me, it seemed like a super successful day with the aim to make sure kids had fun while learning, and I witnessed them do just that.


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