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Published: 17th August 2015
Author: Queensgate Blog


One trend that really seems to be taking off is matching shoes for parent and child. I have had a little scout around a few shops at Queensgate to see what they have to offer and below are my two mood boards; one for fathers and sons, and another for mothers and daughters.


  1. Men’s Havaianas in Marine Blue White- Office £21.99
  2. Baby Havaianas in Marine Blue White- Office £13.99
  3. Men’s Vans Winston Trainers- JD Sports £45
  4. Boys’ Vans Winston Infant Trainers- JD Sports £26
  5. Men’s Timberland Wheat Nubuck Boots- Office £160
  6. Boys’ Timberland Infant Wheat Nubuck Boots- Office £69.99

I have chosen three different styles: flip-flops for the last few weeks of summer; Vans for the autumn weeks that are beginning to creep up; and then Timberlands for those winter months (although I know we’re not quite ready to think about that yet!). Office and JD Sports offer a whole variety of shoes available in both adults’ and kids’ sizes so make sure you pop in and check them out.


  1. Women’s Black Glitter JuJu- Office £10 (sale)
  2. Girls’ Black Glitter JuJu- Office £6 (sale)
  3. Women’s Solillas White Mono Sandal- Office £37 (sale)
  4. Girls’ Solillas Bebe White Sandal- Office £33.99
  5. Women’s Pirate Boots- Next £36-£48
  6. Girls’ Ankle Pirate Boots- Next £32-£36


For mums and daughters, I have chosen the ever so popular jelly shoe from JuJu at Office; these look great with different coloured ankle socks no matter what age you are. The Solillas Sandals, also from Office, are perfect for a summer day out. The Next Pirate Boots are ideal for winter months, both are made with leather so will be weather durable.

You can spot similar shoes in a variety of other Queensgate stores so I highly recommend taking a look for yourself; you could even go further than shoes and create a whole matching outfit – you’ll have your very own mini-me!. If you do make sure you share the looks with us on social media with the hashtag #BlogQueensgate. Don’t forget the centre is open #L8 on Thursdays and Fridays with free parking after 5:30pm.


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