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Published: 20th November 2015
Author: Queensgate

All About Beds, a guest blog post from John Lewis

The experts at John Lewis have put together a guest blog post all about everyone’s favourite winter activity: sleeping! Let their slumber specialist Stuart guide you through everything you need to know to make sure your bed is the snuggly haven it should be.


It is that time of year, when the nights draw in, days get shorter, the weather starts to get colder and we all crave a warm and cosy bed. As getting out of bed in the morning becomes more of a challenge, the quality of our sleep can be the difference between waking up feeling refreshed and pressing snooze that one time too many. It may well be time to consider whether you need to invest in a good night’s sleep.

John Lewis can offer the complete solution to a good night’s sleep; from a luxurious and supportive mattress to sumptuous and comfortable bedding.


Having the right mattress is a great foundation to a good night’s sleep. It’s important to get the right amount of comfort and support, and this will be different for everyone. Just like Goldilocks, we all have our own opinions on what is ‘too hard,’ ‘too soft’ or ‘just right!’ It is also worth considering that you may need a different level of support and comfort to your partner, but don’t panic! This doesn’t have to mean choosing separate beds: John Lewis offers a wide range of ‘Dual-Tension’ mattresses, so you can tailor the level of support on each side making it perfect for both of you.

We offer a wide variety of mattresses, from traditional handmade pocket sprung mattresses, with luxurious natural fillings to fully supportive memory foam mattresses that shape to the contours of your body. It is so important to try before you buy so make sure you pop in store.


  1. Natural Yorkshire Wool 8000, Kingsize – £1,550.00 
  2. Vispring Dartmoor Superb, Kingsize – £999.00
  3. Ortho 1400, Kingsize – £650.00
  4. Tempur Cloud Deluxe 27, Kingsize – £2,399.00
  5. Silentnight Mirapocket 1200, Kingsize – £599.00

Natural Fibre Mattresses

Natural fibre mattresses offer excellent comfort and breathability. Natural fibres will wick away moisture and dissipate heat, allowing for body temperature regulation.

The John Lewis Natural collection, handmade in Yorkshire, offer innovative pocket sprung support alongside sumptuous natural fibres to give a great balance of comfort and support.

You could also consider a Vispring, which are handmade in Devon using traditional methods and natural, premium sourced fibres, providing a sumptuous and luxurious feeling mattress. Vispring mattresses can be ordered in soft, medium, firm or extra firm tension.

Ortho Support

Ortho support mattresses use a higher gauge wire in the pocket spring system, ideal for giving that extra bit of support to those who prefer a firmer feel.

Memory Foam

Full foam mattresses such as the Tempur range offer full support which moulds to the contours of the body for a luxurious balance between complete support and utter comfort. We also offer a range of Silentnight mattresses which combine memory foam with springs for a more affordable option which still offers that famous memory foam feel.

For further information, the John Lewis mattress buying guide can be found here.

Bed Bases and Headboards

A new bed base is the perfect complement to a new mattress, as well as being a great opportunity to express your individual style. When choosing a bed base you should consider three things; styling, support and storage.


  1. John Lewis Essence Low End Bedstead, Kingsize -£699.00
  2. John Lewis Maxistore, Kingsize – £999.00
  3. John Lewis Wilton White, Kingsize – £225.00
  4. John Lewis Canvas Pebble 4 Drawer Divan, Kingsize – £1000.00
  5. John Lewis Natural Collection Devonshire, Full Depth, Canvas Pebble, Kingsize – £950.00


Styling comes down to personal choice. You may have a specific colour theme in your bedroom, and so may want your new bed to match. One way to do this is to choose a bespoke divan and headboard which come in a range of colours. On some models you can get really creative and even change the colour of the drawer fronts, buttons and edge piping! We are happy to send samples out to you so you can see how it fits with your bedroom colour scheme. Another option would be to choose one of our huge variety of bedsteads, which come in a variety of colours, styles and materials, from fabric or metal frames to solid wood.


The base of the bed also offers you an opportunity to further tailor the support you get. Different bases will interact differently with a mattress, for example, a solid top base will provide a firmer feel, while a sprung divan base or a sprung-slatted base will be slightly softer. At John Lewis, we are happy to move mattresses in store so that you can try out your preferred mattress and base together.


Bed bases can also offer a smart storage solution. For a large amount of storage, opt for an ottoman storage base, like the John Lewis Maxistore base. Another option could be a divan, which have up to four drawers – perfect for storing bedding and spare sheets.

Mattress Protectors and Toppers

Adding a protector is a wise choice for anyone investing in a new mattress. They provide an extra layer between the mattress and bed linen which prolongs the life of your mattress.


  1. John Lewis The Basics Microfibre Mattress Protector, Kingsize – £15.00
  2. John Lewis Micro-Fresh Cotton Quilted Mattress Protector, Kingsize £39.00

Mattress toppers are slightly different; the main purpose of a mattress topper is to enhance the mattress. They may not always be necessary if you have a mattress with a large quantity of luxurious fillings, but they are a great way to add an extra layer of comfort for a very reasonable cost. There is a huge range available, including fluffy feather filled options for extra comfort and ortho layers to increase support.


  1. John Lewis New Duck Down Mattress topper, Kingsize – £115.00
  2. John Lewis Ortho Comfort Layer Mattress Topper, Kingsize – £299.00
  3. Vispring Heavenly Mattress Topper, Kingsize – £899.00

Pillows, Duvets and Linen

Now you have perfect bed, it is worth adding the finishing touches with the right pillows, duvet and linen. A soft, snuggly duvet adds that little bit of extra comfort, as well as keeping you snug through these colder months. A good pillow will support your head and neck, ensuring you wake up feeling refreshed. Bed linen will add that final touch of personal style to ensure your bed feels like your own personal sanctuary – and there is no better feeling than fresh bed linen after a long day!


  1. Tempur Cloud Pillow – £85
  2. John Lewis Silk Blend Standard Pillow – £50.00
  3. John Lewis Cashmere Blend Duvet, 10.5 tog Kingsize – £75.00
  4. John Lewis Luxury Hungarian Goose down duvet, 10.5 tog, Kingsize – £230.00

One of the top pillow picks is the Tempur cloud pillow; made from Tempur ES (extra soft) material, it provides a soft feel, but with the full support that you can expect from Tempur. Another great choice is the John Lewis Silk Blend pillow, which provides a medium to firm support and is made from a luxurious blend of polyester and silk.

If you love to be cosy during the winter months, the John Lewis Cashmere blend duvet is a blend of microfibre and cashmere which is perfect for a luxurious night’s sleep. Alternatively, the John Lewis Luxury Hungarian Goose down duvet offers an all-natural product that is lightweight and extremely snuggly and comfortable.

For further top tips check out the John Lewis bedroom homepage on the website here or check out our top tips for a good night’s sleep here. Remember, you can always pop into the store at Queensgate and chat with a John Lewis bed expert, who will be more than happy to help you choose your perfect bed.

Don’t forget the centre is open #L8 on Thursdays and Fridays with free parking after 5:30pm.

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