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Published: 27th November 2015
Author: Queensgate

Autumn Cleanse Part 2: How to protect and cleanse your body throughout the colder months

Following on from my previous ‘Autumn Cleanse’ post, I have produced some moodboards to help you decide what products to use to replenish and moisturise your body this autumn/winter.


During the winter nights, a warm bath helps to lock in your skin’s moisture, giving your body downtime after a stressful day. 


1- The Lush ‘Milky Bath Bubble Bar’ will lift your mood, treating your skin to a dose of happiness and giving it a little bit of extra softness – Lush £3.75.

2- Sanctuary’s ‘Luxury Bath Float’ will leave your skin feeling nourished with a soft scent whilst you unwind and let your troubles drift away – Boots £10.

3- The Radox ‘Feel Good Fragrance Moisture Soak Bath Soak’ is scented with calendula and rose, and will leave your skin feeling soft and moisturised – Superdrug £1.99.



Your hands will be the most exposed to the bitter cold, so having a good hand cream will prevent them from drying up and getting sore.


1- The Lush ‘Love and Light’ hand cream will soften and moisturise your hands when they’re at their driest. The sweet smell of Brazilian orange and orange blossom will bring back warm summer memories too – Lush £7.95.

2- Heathcote & Ivory’s Morris & Co ‘Golden Lily’ hand cream contains oils and aloe extracts to deeply moisturise, giving you velvety smooth hands – John Lewis £10.

3- The Body Shop’s ‘Mango Hand Cream’ instantly absorbs to give you a quick fix of moisture on the go. Many other juicy fragrances are available – The Body Shop £4.



Your feet need the upmost care, as the skin is being impacted upon each and every day,  especially after spending the summer months walking around with bare feet in the lovely sunshine!


1- The Body Shop’s ‘Hemp Foot Protector’ will hydrate and soften rough, dry feet whilst helping to restore the skin’s moisture barrier. This cream will work wonders on very dry skin – The Body Shop £10.

2- Palmer’s ‘Heel Repair Stick’ will smooth dry cracked heels. It contains peppermint oil which will cool and revitalise sore feet – Superdrug £4.99.

3- The Burt’s Bees ‘Coconut Foot Cream’ is completely natural and will revive neglected, dry feet. It can also be used as an overnight foot treatment – Boots £11.99.


Body moisturisers:

Keeping your body moisturised is important after a long summer season spent tanning in the hot sun. Below are some intensive moisturisers which will keep your skin feeling moisture rich during the colder months.


1- The Body Shop’s ‘Wild Argan Oil Body Butter’ is a luxurious and rich body moisturiser, enriched with argan oil specifically for dryer skin – The Body Shop £14.

2- Dove’s ‘Winter Care Nourishing Body Lotion’ is perfect for all skin types. It works deep down for long lasting soft and smooth skin, providing the intensive skin care you need during the colder weather – Boots £3.99.

3- Palmer’s ‘Cocoa Butter Formula Jar’ will relieve rough, dry skin, with a lovely sweet scent of chocolate to go with it – Superdrug £3.49.


Body oils:

Body oils are fast absorbing and leave your skin feeling silky soft after application. They’re great for dry and sensitive skin types and a little bit of oil goes a long way.


1- Palmer’s ‘Cocoa Butter Formula Moisturising Body Oil’ absorbs quickly, quenching thirsty skin and leaving it feeling extra soft and silky smooth – Superdrug £5.09.

2- The Body Shop’s ‘Coconut Beautifying Oil’ is made with a blend of nut oils to give instant hydration with a shimmering finish. This multi-purpose product can be used for the body, face or hair – The Body Shop £10.

3- Burt’s Bees ‘Lemon and Vitamin E Body and Bath Oil’ will make your skin feel pampered. The lemon oil refreshes your skin whilst vitamin E and almond oil moisturise, leaving your skin feeling smooth. You can add this to a bath, or straight onto your skin after washing – Boots £9.99.

I hope this post has given you some ideas as to how you can keep your skin glowing throughout winter. Don’t forget, as I mentioned in my previous post, advisors in stores will be able to give you expert advice on what products are right for your skin type, so don’t hesitate to pop in and ask if you’re unsure.

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