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Published: 25th September 2015
Author: Queensgate Blog


How to protect and moisturise your face throughout the colder months:

The summer months are being washed away and we’re starting to feel the shiver of autumn slowly creeping in. This is bad news for our skin as it won’t be getting the goodness it needs from the sun. Colder weather can make for dryer, lifeless skin, but don’t worry yourselves too much as I’ve prepared some mood boards below to help you choose the right products to get your skin through the colder weather!

Cream Moisturisers:

Moisturisers are great for everyday use; most of them allow you to apply make-up straight on top so you can go about your usual regime.


1. The ‘Simple Kind To Skin Hydrating Light Moisturiser’ is the one for you if you have sensitive, dry skin. It’s full of vitamin goodness to refresh your skin, keeping it moisturised for up to 12 hours- Boots £4.19.

2. Simple also do a ‘Rich’ version, which is more suitable for normal skin types- Boots £4.19.

3. Burt’s Bees ‘Intense Hydration Day Lotion’ is a 99% natural moisturiser that helps your skin retain moisture throughout the day. It also helps to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, which is ideal for when your skin reacts to the change in temperature- John Lewis £19.99.

4. The Body Shop’s ‘Vitamin E Moisture Cream’ is a light feeling moisturiser that doesn’t restrict which make-up products you can use on your face. It’s easily absorbed, which allows you to apply make-up on top of it within a short amount of time- The Body Shop £12.00.

Face Oils:

Oils are brilliant for people with dry skin as they rehydrate and replenish your skin’s soft, natural feel.


1. The Clarins ‘Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil’ will help to tone, revitalise and restore radiance to moisture-depleted skin. It has hazelnut oil in it which prevents moisture loss, as well as the formation of fine lines- Boots £33.00.

2. The Clarins ‘Santal Face Treatment Oil’ focuses on extra dry, red skin. The ingredients include 100% natural plant extracts and no added preservatives, making it perfect for treating irritated, stressed, dry skin- Boots £33.00.

3. The Origins ‘High Potency Skin Refining Oil’ is an overnight oil that helps you and your skin to wake up feeling more vibrant, soft and clean. The scent of the oil will help you to relax and drift off to sleep too- John Lewis £35.00.

Face Masks:

Sitting down on an evening after a hard day’s work and putting a face mask on is the perfect way to wind down. Here are some relaxing and moisturising face masks that will aid your skin to keep it moisturised throughout the colder weather.


1. The Lush ‘Brazened Honey Fresh Face Mask’ contains honey and almond oil to help moisturise your skin- Lush £6.50.

2. The Body Shop’s ‘Honey Oat 3 in 1 Scrub Mask’ moisturises, cleanses and polishes your skin. Perfect for dry skin, it’ll remove dead skin cells and smoothen your face- The Body Shop £11.00.

3. Sanctuary’s ‘Moisture Boosting Face Mask’ doesn’t only moisturise and cleanse your skin, it helps to prevent your skin from aging too, perfect- Boots £2.50.

Moisturising Make Up:

The cold weather can ruin your make-up, and dry your face up instantly. Here are some moisturising options to make you feel better about wearing make-up during the autumn months.


1. The Body Shop’s ‘Moisturising Foundation’ provides a light to medium coverage, which is great for dry skin- The Body Shop £13.00.

2. If you’re a fan of finishing off your foundation regime with some face powder but you’re struggling to find a powder that’s not dry, then No7’s ‘Crème Touch Face Powder’ is perfect for you. It still works as a great coverage powder; it just has a softer cream-like feel to it which prevents your skin from drying up- Boots £8.50.

3. Bobbi Brown’s ‘Foundation Stick’ moisturises your skin whilst providing a very light, natural coverage to your face. You’ll barely feel it there- John Lewis £29.50.

Lip Balms:

The right lip balm will help you keep your lips smooth and crack free.


1. Carmex ‘Fruity Lip Balm’ protects, moisturises, and even heals dry cracked lips after a day in the cold- Boots £2.69.

2. This Lush ‘Latte Lip Balm’ moisturises and has a lovely shimmer effect with a taste of latte to go with it- Lush £5.95.

3. The Body Shop’s ‘Honeymania Lip Balm’ will leave your lips feeling extra soft and smelling delicious- The Body Shop £4.00.

Now it’s time for you to choose the right products for your own skin – remember, the advisors in store know loads about skincare and can tell you much more about which products may be more suited to your skin.

Keep your eyes peeled as I will be writing a second part to this blog post; next time I’ll be concentrating on products for your body, hands and feet.

Don’t forget the centre is open #L8 on Thursdays and Fridays with free parking after 5:30pm.


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    2 thoughts on “AUTUMN CLEANSE PART 1”

    1. I love the Simple line!!! The products are light yet still moisturizing!

      I like your suggestion about the face masks! I haven’t thought about doing them, but now I’m inspired to give them a try.

      Great blog post! Love the helpful info!

      I’m a blogger too! Check me out at

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      Happy Friday girl!

    2. Georgie Owen says:

      I’m a lover of the Simple Facecare too, great for my sensitive skin 🙂
      Glad you found it useful! Hopefully you’ll like part 2 (coming soon)
      Take care! Georgie x

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